Monday, September 04, 2006

Twelve Angry Men and the Benny Hill theme song.

I'm sitting here watching one of my favorite movies of all time. Twelve Angry Men. I love this movie. Henry Fonda and E.G. Marshall are incredible in this. Jack Klugman is also pretty amazing as well. I love this movie because it depicts such an awesome story. The triumph of reason over emotion. There are also some great quotes:

Juror #11: I beg pardon...
Juror #10: "I beg pardon?" What are you so polite about?
Juror #11: For the same reason you are not: it's the way I was brought up.


Juror #10: Bright? He's a common ignorant slob. He don't even speak good English.
Juror #11: Doesn't even speak good English.


Juror #11: Oh Come on, you're like everybody else. You think too much, you get mixed up. You know what I mean.

This movie is such a fascinating exposition of our prejudices and how we can so easily be lead by our emotions.

On a happier note, I got back earlier this week from visiting my family in Portland. I always feel refreshed coming back from Oregon. Seeing my niece Abby and listening to her shouting for me to play the Benny Hill theme song again. "Play the Silly Song! Play the Silly Song, uncle Aaron!" She'd started calling it that after I'd played it on my cell phone. I think we spent about four hours bouncing on the air mattress that I was sleeping on. By Tuesday night, it was nearly deflated. It was such a privilege to be able to read her a story before she went to bed. I got to hold my new niece Charlotte a couple of times. She's so new that she is still mostly a giant screaming poop factory. I suspect that by Christmas she will be much more interesting.

Just before watching Twelve Angry Men tonight, I watched the last bit of the Buena Vista Social Club. I got a chuckle out of the fact that the Cuban musicians couldn't identify a JFK doll while wandering around New York, but new about and could identify the Statue of Liberty.


Shirley said...

Did you play Benny Hill while jumping on the air mattress?

Unknown said...

It was my responsibility to continue to play the theme song while she bounced on the bed.