Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Please just assume that I've written a heartfelt and or sarcastic goodbye to Steve Irwin here.


Anonymous said...

poor bindi and the other near-aligator-food kid. rip my one true love, steve irwin.

god, that man looked hot in khaki!

jennifer (a.k.a. the girl who so rarely blogs about anything that she forgot her user name & password)

Matthew Iverson said...

That Steve is dead sucks. I don't think anyone really wanted him to die, but you can sure as hell bet that there were people on the edge of their seat expecting him to buy the farm.

The thing that strikes me as funny, in as much as death can be funny, is the fact that we have all these marine animal experts going "It was a one in a million shot." or better yet: "The chances were about as good as getting hit by a meteorite".

Okaaayy, but let me finish their thought:

"...while spending every waking day of your life running around in a meteor shower."