Monday, September 18, 2006

An empty house

I'm faced with a novel prospect. In about a month's time I will be living alone. My roommate of two years has decided to move out. What is odd is that this is going to be the first time in 13 years that I've lived alone. I have mixed feelings about this. It will be nice to have the place to myself. Not having to worry about walking around the house in my boxers. Being able to schedule something on TiVo and be sure that it will be there where I want to watch it. I only have half the mail to bring in. I will probably have a third of the trash to take out. ;) There won't be any more cat hair tumble weeds rolling around the house. I will be able to start working on the house without worrying about cramping someone else's style. Those are all the good things. There are a few things that I will miss too. I will miss having someone who will always go to Chipotle with me. I will miss having someone to talk to at all hours of the night. I'm going to miss someone to steal rice cakes from when I've managed to run out of food. Pretty soon I will have nobody to tell me that I'm dead on the inside. Her words, not mine. It will be really weird living in an empty house.

On a house related note, I'm sitting here watching the movie Life as a House. It pisses me off that a movie like this can choke me up. I have two things to say. First, Mary Steenburgen is smoking hot for being 53 years old. Second, Hayden Christensen is still a horrible actor who's voice is a perpetual whine.

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