Friday, September 08, 2006

Meth Addicts

I'd like to send a big giant, "FUCK YOU, YOU MOTHER FUCKING METH ADDICTS!!!!" It is your fault that I can't get enough allergy medication to last me a week. I have allergies. Bad Allergies. Spring and Fall are miserable for me. My immune system goes about rejecting any and all contact with the outdoors. The only thing that helps me is drugs. I've gotten experienced enough with the phenomenon to know more or less what helps me. I've come to rely upon a triple cocktail of pharmaceuticals. I'm lucky that two of the three are prescription and are easily obtainable in quantities to get me through a month without a return trip to the drug store. The third just so happens to be Loratadine combined with Pseudoephedrine Sulfate (Claritin-D). The pseudoephedrine is the key ingredient. It is what keeps me sane and it means the difference between a snotty slobbering miserable monster and the normal grumpy Aaron. Believe me, by taking this stuff, I'm doing society a favor. This was all well and good until three things happened. First the FDA made it so that you could get Claritin-D over the counter. This has good and bad effects. Good is that I can now get it without a doctor's prescription. Bad is that my insurance will no longer pay for it. The second thing that has happened is that many/most state governments have implemented a limit to the amount of drugs that contain pseudoephedrine that you can buy and they require that you provide identification when you buy it. Finally, you can now only get this medication in packages of 5 - 10 days worth. All of the restrictions around this are due to the fact that pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient in the making of meth. Meth labs will grab tons of this stuff and brew up a big giant toxic batch of methy goodness. Our government wants to protect us from ourselves, so it is trying to make it more difficult to get access to these meth precursors. I'm a victim of this new setup. Every five days I have to make a trip to the pharmacy (my dealer), hope that they have some claritin-d in stock, prove that I'm not a criminal and then skulk out of the pharmacy with five measly days of my life giving drug. FUCK! I'm sure that I should probably read and spell check this post, but I'm too pissed to care. You get it in its full unadulterated misspelled angry glory.


Matthew Iverson said...

Surely you must know about the drug cabinet at work. It's where my sweet angel of mercy, the blond medical supplies girl, stocks various drugs including allergy relief tablets every month or so. Or are those tabs not comparable?

Unknown said...

Oh, I do know about the medicine cabinet. I make good use of it. Sadly, the decongestant that they stock is phenylephrine which doesn't work quite as well for me. They also don't seem to have an antihistamine. I've had allergies all my life. I've only recently found a combination of things that work. That is why I'm so distraught over the gubmint messin up my pharmacopeia.

Shirley said...

I combat my allergies with straight ephedrine. Hell ya one box of 24 soft gels only $13 something on the web. It is a similar compound that is found in Claritin D, just without all the Claritin. A side effect, it is speed, however, I hate the mornings so it allows me to be my bright and chipper self when I get to work.