Monday, May 15, 2006

I'll keep digging.... Till I feel something.

Last week I had a little blast from the past. I've been a big fan of the band Tool for a long time. They are now touring to support their new album 10,000 Days. When I saw that they were going to be in KC for a date I jumped at the chance to get a ticket. The show was visually pretty spectacular. The light show consisted primarily of 4 large screens that showed either menacingly psychidelic swirls or equally menacing clips from Tool's videos. All of this combined with the motion controlled lighting to produce a pretty stunning visual experience. Add to that the nice effect that the band was constantly back lit to hide their actual appearance. This effect has been achived at previous shows using makeup or costumes. It was nice to see them still being coy about their looks but changing how they were doing it. Set in the tiny Memorial Hall it was a little too loud for my taste, but that may just be the fact that I'm getting older. I could have used a set of ear plugs. The set and encore were pretty good. I have to admit that I don't have the new album and I'm sure that the songs that I didn't recognize would be found there. The new songs were all certainly Tool songs so they don't seem to have strayed from their strong points. While a little dissapointing it is understandable, nobody would accept it if they brought out an album heavy on dance beats or an accordian. All in all it was a good concert. I tried taking a few pictures with my phone and this was probably the best of the lot.

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