Friday, May 19, 2006

Believe it or not, I'm still glad I live here.

It has been reported that Iran has taken steps to propose and enforce a dress code that specifies distinguishing marks for people of religious minorities. Until recently I was ambivalent about Iran. It's nuclear ambitions seemed to me to be mostly just posturing in such a way as to gain some sort of leverage and possibly concessions in the world forum, aid and increased relations with the US possibly. I'd been willing to overlook the antisemitic rhetoric from their leaders as nothing new and primarily targeted at the common middle east whipping boy Israel. I feel as if Israel's handling of it's own internal problems are the source of many of it's external problems.

This measure however, signals to me a very disturbing change. The idea that Iran and Israel hate one another and that they exchange barbs in the international forum doesn't bother me. The fact that Iran doesn't get along with most of the West doesn't really bother me either. But, rather than focusing it's anger externally it has decided that it will move to isolate the Jews and Christians who I'd imagine are proxies for Israel and the West in the eyes of many Iranians. The fact that Iran wishes isolate it's own citizens does bother me. This is a symptom that, if ignored, could be a red flag of a coming problem. A situation like Afghanistan, Rwanda, Sudan or on the extreme end of things Nazi Germany.

In my opinion most religions, as practiced by most people, amount to little more than an organized superstition combined with a really nice social club. Having said that I'm 100% behind everyone's right to believe and practice their religious beliefs without having to worry about isolation and persecution from neighbors or the government. Having to wear a badge, patch or visible external sign goes a long way towards making this impossible. This movie by the Iranian government makes me nervous and should frankly scare the shit out of the religious minorities that live within the borders of that country. I hope that those effected by this policy, if it is enacted, have the brains and the wherewithal to get the fuck out of that country. I guess if you can't get out, let's hope there is enough sanity within the country to point out that this is a ridiculous law that has no place in any modern society.


Matthew Iverson said...

Oh noes! It's another Hitler! It's so clear now! Where's my made-in-China American flag -- I have the urge to wave it again! THEY MUST NOT HAVE THE NUKE!

Wait what's that? The story was popularized by Steven Harper, Canada's biggest Bushie?

Huh? Iran's saying it's a big lie? No such law was passed? All of Iran's parliamentary committees have minority faiths sitting on them? No such law was passed?,5478,19196947%5E1702,00.html

What's that you say? Iran isn't the backwards sandtrap our media makes it out to be?

Well...okay nevermind. Hey what's on TV?

Unknown said...

If you wanted to post such well thought out and intelligent blog posts, why don't you get a blog of your own. Comments are generally reserved for the insane rantings of maniacs and the certifiably insane.

Anonymous said...

He's got a point though, Aaron. It was completely fabricated and You ate it right up. What does that say about the susceptibility of Americans to propaganda?

Matthew Iverson said...

To MonkeyBoy's credit, he reviewed the comment and still published it. I don't blame some special flouridated-water-induced American susceptibility to media as much as I blame the American media itself for echoing bullshit like this. Most of the news stories I have any interest in these days typically leave out one or more of the integral pieces of "who, what, where, when, why, and how" . A free and democratic society should be able to trust their news sources, especially those that are empowered with the 1st Ammendment, but sadly corporate interest and government teat-sucking have effectively shit all over that pie-in-the-sky notion.

Unknown said...

He's got a point though, Aaron. It was completely fabricated and You ate it right up. What does that say about the susceptibility of Americans to propaganda?

If you are using me as the prototypical American, then you are going come up with some skewed views of Americans. Yes, I was drawn in by propaganda put out by someone who appears to be a lacky. It would appear that Iran isn't the backward theocracy that we've been lead to believe.

I've already looked into tickets Tehran. Does anybody have a recomendation on where I can go to pick up one of these "temporary wives" while in town.

Matthew Iverson said...

A) You could save yourself the ticket fare to Tehran and just road trip it to Nevada. Or, hell, your hotel in Germany overlooks a could walk.

B) You don't believe in paying women to dry or wet hump you.

I'm sorry I was a dick on your blog, Aaron. Comments are a privelage not a right. You are a fair and just benevolent overseer of your corner of the Interblogophereofolksonomicspace.

Unknown said...

You may have mistaken my sarcasm for a true admonishment. You are mostly free to post whatever crap you want on here.