Thursday, August 27, 2009

Health Care Fit for Animals

Health care has been increasingly on my mind as of late and not just for the obvious reason it is in the news and the debate seems to have drawn out every right wing ass hat with an opinion.

Over the past month I've paid (or rather my insurance has paid for) two trips to the ER, several trips to the doctor and specialists. I am thankful that I have medical insurance that covers this but worry every day about what would happen if I didn't have it. Add to that the stories that I am hearing on a daily basis of people in a literal life and death struggle to pay for their own healthcare and I think it has become obvious that things have to change.

This NY Times OpEd piece by Nicholas D Kristof hits the nail on the head and I think final line summarizes my thoughts quite well:
What’s un-American isn’t a greater government role in health care but an existing system in which Americans without insurance get health care, if at all, in livestock pens.

Kristof is referring to an incident that helped lead to the change of heart by Wendell Potter, a former head of corporate communications for Humana and Cygna. While visiting his home town he witnessed a free healthcare care clinic put on at the county fairgrounds. People were treated out in the open in the stalls meant for livestock.

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