Monday, May 21, 2007

Progress on the first floor

I did a little more work on the third floor today. Here are a few pictures of the progress from midday. Right now, I have this room down to the subfloor.

You are probably asking yourself, "Look at those hardwoods, why did he go all the way down to the subfloor?" Well the answer is complicated. First, the floors weren't in as good as shape as it would appear from that picture. They needed refinished. They also has spots that needed patched. Finally, the planks were less thick than what is standard. Normal flooring is 3/4 inch thick. These planks were just over a 1/4 inch thick. That means that there is even smaller margin for error when refinishing and it is almost impossible to get replacement wood. So after talking to my brother and then agonizing for a couple of hours, I started prying it up. After a few hours I had it all up and most of the mess cleared. One room down. Two to go.

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