Thursday, May 17, 2007

Catching Up

I really have no business writing this right now, but I need to get a few thing written down while I have a chance. Here are the big things that are happening right:

Jennifer and I found out today that there is a very good chance that we are having a girl. I'd really like to post some pictures from the ultrasound, but they are all hard copies at this point in time. If I can find someone with a scanner I will post a picture. This means that I lost the bet. I was betting that it is going to be a boy and she was betting that it was going to be a girl. We will both be happy either way. What was the bet you ask? The looser has to pick the restaurant whenever we go out for the next month. Does this sound silly? "How bad could that be?", you ask. You've obviously never seen us try to decide what is for dinner. There is usually crying involved.

Plans are starting to hum along for the remodel. Remodel? Yeah. We are finally getting around to moving the kitchen downstairs. It is going to cost an arm and a leg, but it is far past due. At the same time we are going to try and do the bathroom that adjoins the kitchen and make it into a combination bathroom/laundry.

Jennifer started school to become a licensed massage therapist this month. It is a big step for her and I am so proud.

I am currently getting blasted at work. I have one project that is a little over two weeks from launching. Development is nearly complete. Really the only thing that is holding us back at this point in time is the documentation. The person that is doing the documentation is very good at what he does, but he is stretched too thin. What should have been a couple of week process has stretched into a couple of months. We will get it done, but it is going to be close. The fact that we have gotten this far is really only due to the fact that I was lucky enough to get a really great development team who have taken it upon themselves to push things through. The other project is still in the ramping up phase. I've been on the project for over a year now and at times it has worn on me. The work is very rewarding and I love this project, but it is starting to wear on me. Both of these projects are really full time jobs and at this point in time, I am doing both a disservice with how busy I am.

My sister is still missing. She's been gone for over a year now and we as a family are beyond worried. It is getting hard to not think the worst given her history and health problems, but we still hold out hope that she is out there and OK and just doesn't want to see us. Emillie, we miss you.

Last, but probably most important, is that my Mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit! I'm freaked out. I'm sure not nearly as much as my Mom, but I'm freaked. She is lucky because it was caught early enough that she won't need chemotherapy. She will be going into surgery next week to get the lump removed. It would appear that it has not spread to her lymphatic system, so things should be fairly routine. She will be staying with us after the surgery. I know things are going to be just fine, but I'd give anything for her to not have to go through this.

Ok. That is it for now. There are actually about 40 other things that are going on right now, but I won't bother you with the mundane details.

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Shirley said...

Sorry about your mom and sister.