Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sensenbrenner is a jackass.

This article on wired just incenses me. Why are we still having this debate? Here is the quote that gets me the most:
Sensenbrenner wanted to know how Pelosi planned to control global warming and not "wreck the American economy," especially if other countries such as China and India, who are also big polluters, refuse to clamp down on emissions and could welcome outsourced jobs from the United States should an economic slow down occur here.

Doesn't Sensenbrenner realize that the economy will be fucked if we are up to our knees in seawater and our eyeballs in displaced people. The economy will be fine, but not if the sea level rises the predicted 20 inches.


Matthew Iverson said...

I personally plan on using displaced people as flotation devices. Mmmm...soylent refugee.

Unknown said...

Watch out, soylent refugee is people.

Personally, I plan on buying land on the high ground and the selling it off at a profit.