Wednesday, December 28, 2005

This is so good that it makes me angry.

I was watching a show on Sundance this evening called Iconoclasts.  It features an interview of one iconoclast by another.  This one had chef Mario Betalli interviewing Michael Stipe.  I came in on the last bit of it, so I don't know how good the whole thing was, but the part that I watched was interesting.  There was something that Michael Stipe said that resonated with me.  He said, "That song is so good that it makes me angry."  He was talking about U2's song It's a Beautiful Day.  He ended up saying that he liked the song so much that he was angry that he didn't write it himself.  I've had a similar experience on several occasions.  You see something that you were capable of doing, but just didn't think of it.  Or, even worse, you’d didn't think of it and even if you had, you probably wouldn't have been able to pull it off.  

On a completely unrelated note, I'd just like to say, "Shame on J.C. Penny's".  I was standing outside the women's dressing room at Penny's.  Why I was standing outside a women's dressing room is a different story, but while looking into the dressing room, I noticed the mirror.  This is one of those three way mirrors that you use to decide if this outfit makes you look fat.  Well, Penny's is cheating.  When I looked at myself, I thought, "Have I gotten taller?"  I was certainly a bit more height and weight proportionate.  As I got closer to the mirror this effect became less pronounced, but I could still see it, they were using a funhouse mirror in the ladies dressing room to make people look skinnier.

One final note, if the day comes, when I think we've sexualized 18 year old college student's too much, then the apocalypse is upon us.  Last night on MTV I caught the first part of a show called Next.  This is a game show where the contestants are vying for the attention of a member of the opposite sex, or the same sex as I'd eventually find out.  Sounds a little like the dating game.  The contestants would get a chance to meet the bachelor/bachelorette one at the time.  If the object of their attention was pissed off at any point in time, they'd shout "next" and the current contestant would be replaced with a new one.  Not a horrible concept and probably not very novel.  I have no real justification as to why I was watching this other than to say that if I see a woman in a bathing suit on TV, I will probably stop flipping channels, at least for a second.  That's when it happened, as each of the contestants introduced themselves, they'd say something memorable.  The first (a buxom blonde) said, "High my name is Rachel and all my friends say I have a very boobly personality."  With that, she points at her barely covered breasts and gives them a wiggle.  Not that I'm proud of it, but at this point I'm already canceling dinner plans and deciding to watch a little more.  The next contestant walks up and says something equally insipid, turns around, lifts her skirt and smacks her own ass.  How this got past the censors, I don't know.  The next girl, a redhead, proudly announces that the mini-blinds match the linoleum, first pointing at her hair, then towards her nether regions.  I think I may have blacked out for a while, because for the life of me I cannot remember what the third contestant looked like.  Once the introductions were over with it came time for the contestants to in turn meet the bachelor.  First was the blonde with the giant boobs.  He took one look at her and sent her back.  I guess he's an ass man.  I think I may have blacked out again for a large portion of the show, but the next thing I remember is the second contestant (the one who smacked her own ass) on a boat with the bachelor.  They were going to go shark diving.  On the way to the site they were chit chatting about nothing in particular.  The conversation stalled and he decided to ask, "Do you have any special talents?"  I think he was wondering if she could play the piano, or tap dance, but she went a completely different way with it.  She proudly states, "I can put both my legs behind my head."  His eyes bug out of his head while she demonstrates.  The most surreal of moments during the show came as she was in the described position conversing with the bachelor.  At one point, she even mentions being able to see her own ass from this position.  Wait.  Can you hear that?  Ah yes, the sound of the four horsemen?  It should not be long now.  For some reason Tivo keeps suggesting this show.  I don't know why.  Can it read my mind?

Is it odd that my so called final note is longer than the post itself?

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