Monday, November 15, 2004

Furry woodland creatures, and am I an alcoholic?

OK. First off, I had the most amazing experience this weekend. I was just sitting there on my couch watching the tube. I look up, and out my back windows. What do I see? The biggest buck I'd ever seen in my life. I run upstairs to grab my camera to try and get a picture of the thing. By the time I got back downstairs and outside it had wandered into my neighbors yard. I went to get a picture, but he saw me then, and ran away.

I know that we share this world will all forms of life, but I think that I often forget that not everything is totally subject to the organizational influence of humans. I should expect that "nature" is going to pop up here and there.

Second of all this weekend I went to a charity pub crawl. This was about as much fun as I could imagine. I met some very interesting people, and had a great time. I even met a couple of interesting girls at this event. One in particular caught my eye. She had very striking features, which were accented by her long black hair. The most striking feature of them all were the white streaks running through the bangs of her hair. At the risk of sounding creepy, I will admit to being smitten. That is of course not solely based upon her hair. It just happens to be something that stood out in my mind.

I was talking to my mother this weekend, and mentioned that I went to a charity "pub crawl" this Saturday. I explained to her what this was. I then began to get a lecture from her and my sister about being alcoholic. While I'll admit to having a drink every now and again, I don't think I qualify as an alcoholic. A drunk maybe, but I think calling me an alcoholic is going a little too far.

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