Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oh no!!! The Squirrels are comming for me.

So I'm a pretty heavy sleeper. I don't often remember dreams and when I do they are usually only very vague flashes. Last night was an exception.

You know those times when you jerk awake because your body feels like it is falling? That's not really what is happening in your dreams. You are actually being attacked by rabid squirrels.

Last night I dreamt that I was walking through a yard somewhere. As I walked I approached a tree. In the branch of the tree was a cute little squirrel. As I approached the branch, the squirrel jumped down and ran toward me. Just as the clearly rabid squirrel reached me I jerked awake. I was then left disoriented and checking the sheets of the bed for squirrels.

So there you have it. Categorical proof that when you jerk awake from sleep you are actually being attacked by squirrels in your dreams. If you talk to J. you will find that I do this quite often and it isn't always squirrels but for now I'm convinced that it is the squirrels that wake me up at night.


jennifer said...

i'm too sleep deprived to discuss the squirrels at this junction. i'm currently vying for separate twin beds.


Erin said...

one time a squirrel ran into my mom's work building and terrorized the employees for the better half of a morning. you gotta watch out for those little guys.

Mr Zakky Pants said...

Fucking Squirrels, lately racoons have been attacking me in my sleep...