Thursday, November 29, 2007

A weekend in the Hamptons?

While I certainly don't have anything personal against Rudy Guiliani, I don't particulalry respect his politics. Given that he is currently one of the front runners for the Republican nomination I am actually looking forward to the beating he will likely take over this report that NYC funds were used to guard him in the Hamptons while he was cheating on his wife. Ultimately the funds that were spent will be accounted for and explained away, but the juicy golden bits of the article can be found in this quote:
Privately Giuliani aides say this story, less then 40 days before Iowa, is a drag on the campaign because it is now left having to defend the expenses while tacitly acknowledging the affair.

Ultimately this will mean that he will be confronted with questions that ask him to explain the whole thing and what he was doing up there. How do you ask politely if it was true that he was screwing his third wife in the Hamptons while his second wife waited innocently at home. All the while his police escort was waiting outside on the city's dime. Good luck Rudy.

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Erin said...

glad to see a new blog... also glad to see it's about a Republican goofing up-it's my responsibility to uphold all leftist tennents while scoffing at the righties as a resident of Democraticland or Portland, as most people know it.