Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Dirty Shame

So, this afternoon was spent waiting on two repair people. Both of them were disappointments. The first because he turned down the work. He turned the work down for two reasons. First because my house is too far out of his district. The second because the work was three stories up in the air and he wasn't insured that far up. Both of them were reasonable excuses and he was nice enough to suggest some other people that would be better equipped to take on the work. They will undoubtedly be vastly more expensive, but what's a guy to do. The second workman called an hour before he was to show up to tell me that he couldn't make it because he was too busy at another site. He was nice enough to call, but I'd already left work and hung around home to meet him. I'm only pissed a little bit. I used the afternoon to catch up on some work and a few movies. I finished watching "A Dirty Shame" and I'm still in the process of watching "The English Patient". The first was passable and the second has been fascinating so far. While doing that I've managed to get some work done. Some might say, "How can you get away with leaving work early so often?" I'd counter by saying that I already work more than 40 hours a week, so I feel at liberty to not always spend time in the office. Is that bad? Too bad.

Recently at work I've had to pick up some new technologies lately. The first is Visual Studio. I've got friends that use this tool on a day to day basis, and swear by it. I find it to be clunky and cumbersome in comparison to the corresponding Java based tools. This is of course of no consequence, but I wanted to take the chance to bitch.

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