Saturday, April 08, 2006

Liberal Six Degrees of Sideburns.

OK. The Surreality continues. This is an almost accurate quote of a friend, "I knew I shouldn't have asked you about this, you're a liberal, you liberals don't trust the government." WTF? The world has changed so much that the term liberal, that has for so long been synonymous with big government and a welfare state, is now synonymous with distrust of the government.

Why is it that the hair in my sideburns grows faster than the hair on side of my head? Yeah, I know that my sideburns are technically on the side of my head.

And on a completely unrelated note, I've been reading Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point. I don't particularly expect anything special out of this. It would appear from what I've read so far that the book will help to confirm and crystallize things that I've known intuitively for quite some time. While I was sitting in a coffee shop this evening, reading the book, I started overhearing conversations that were strikingly appropriate to the topics that I was reading about. It was as if real life was providing footnotes to the book as I read. While reading Gladwell's description of the Stanley Milgram's experiment to prove the small world theory (AKA Six Degrees of Separation). At that very moment a guy two tables over at the coffee show was talking about meeting in Mexico someone who he didn't know from his old neighborhood in his home town who was the parents of someone he did know and that he'd gone to school with. Later, as I was reading Gladwell's description of the "stickiness" of an idea the same guy was talking about the new movie Snakes on a Plane which happens to have a weird internet meme attached to it.

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