Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Originally, I was going to write about my trip to Copper Mountain Colorado to snowboard. I now have a slightly different story to tell. Monday night I had what amounted to a first date. It wasn't really much of a first date. Not much to speak of. Let me say that it wasn't all that bad, but nothing special. After finishing the tea that we'd talked over we walked back to our cars. We shook hands and said goodnight. As she crossed the street she turned and said goodnight. There was something about her voice that startled the crows in the tree over me. They all took off from the tree at the same time. I was pelted by bird shit. She looked back at me in horror. All I could manage to say is, "Wonderful". When I got home, I found that I'd been hit by at least 8 birds and that doesn't count what I had in my hair.

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