Thursday, February 16, 2006

Friendster, Myspace and 17 new posts

You may notice about 324 new posts. Most of them are back dated. I would get started on a post, and loose interest. Is that ADD or is it just a lack of focus? On another note, I've recently created or added to friendster and myspace accounts. I didn't do this out of any real need. It was more to see what the hype was really about. I keep hearing myspace and friendster mentioned everywhere. I didn't want to be the last one to jump on the bandwagon. Now that I'm on the bandwagon, I have to admit to not being that impressed. Oh don't get me wrong. Both sites have been giant timesucks. I've wasted an inordinate amount of time putting together profiles and looking at other peoples profiles. While I can see some of the draw. There's an odd voyeuristic quality about looking at a person's profile and noticing who they are friends with and how you might or might not be connected to them via some weird 6 degrees of separation scenario.


Matthew Iverson said...

Did you notice how MySpace is about as attractive as the business end of a dead horse? The bandwagon is full of hot, stupid chicks and their fanboys. And bands that you wouldn't pay money for. Just wait till someone sends you a MySpace message. MySpace is smart enough to email you to let you know someone left a comment...but it won't just go ahead and, you know, SEND you the comment in the email. No, you gotta log in for that and burn your retinas out on their garish design and advertising.

Ray said...

space cadet 'r' - sounds like you have a longstanding love-hate (of the man-boy persuasion, no doubt) relationship with MySpace.