Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Barring any unforseen closing misshaps I will be moving into the new place on the 21st of this month. For those who've not seen the place yet, here are some pictures. In order to do this I'm having to hustle to get things packed and ready to go by then. This last weekend consisted of several late nights of packing resulting in anything not already nailed down, being placed in boxes. I may have prematurely packed some stuff. My roomate was pretty pissed when she'd found out that I'd packed the frying pan.

While packing I found certain things that were mine that were attached to the walls that I wanted to take with me. Pictures, mirrors, crap like that. One thing in particular, nearly killed me. Two years ago, my brother had hung a dish rack over the kitchen sink. I'm not sure what kind of philips head screws he used, but none of the screwdrivers that I had seemed to work. I nearly fell off the counter twice trying to get the thing down. Finally when I was seconds away from ripping it from the wall I stood up on the counter again and just looked around the kitchen in exhasperation. Just to my right on the very top of the cabinet completely obscured from view I spy a very dusty and old screw driver. It must have been the one that Zakk left up there two years ago when he'd hung the rack in the first place. I believe that is the definition of serendipity.

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