Tuesday, August 31, 2004

GMail and Michel Gondry

Wow. I got a GMail account today (thanks stu). The interface is a little different. You don't have folders. Everything sits in your inbox. This is a little weird to get used to. Conversations are grouped based upon subjects. You can also label groups of messages. The really cool part of this is that I managed to get an account based upon my name.

OK. That's really only cool to me.

On a completely different note. I'm watching a really fascinating movie right now. "The Work of Director Michel Gondry" It's the collected works of the French director Michel Gondry. Duh. He's known mostly for his music videos. Most recently he's done some of the White Stripes videos. You know the one with the Legos; he did that. Watching his videos makes me realize that he's responsible for so many of the videos over that last few years that have made me stop and appreciate video as an art form. As part of the DVD he's included a self made introspective movie. Having watched it I question his sanity. Not in that he needs medication and hospitalization sort of way. His form of insanity seems to manifest itself in a persistent need to see the world in a way that is 90 degrees rotated from the rest of us. While I'm forced to see the world through the eyes of someone who's been educated as a scientist and engineer he seems to have much looser and childlike worldview.

Ok. Now that the DVD's over I've looked him up on IMDB. Holy Crap he did "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I never would have known. It's really funny that I'm watching this DVD right now. A coworker recently came back from Hawaii. On the plane trip there, Eternal Sunshine was the in flight movie that they were showing. Apparently she didn't get it. She claimed that it was a horrible movie. Granted, that movie isn't particularly suited for vacationers on their way to Hawaii, but a horrible movie it is not. Oh well. To each his own.

So if you've got the time, he's included 300 minutes (5 hours) of footage on the DVD. I'd recomend watching at least some of it.

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Man, it stinks that the last entry you wrote as over 6 months ago. I'm interested in your philosophies and would like to subscribe to your newsletter...Or just link to your RSS....